Individual Counseling

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With the increasing stressful schedule of our day to day lives, we got surrounded with so much of stress related to both work and home. Our Individual Counseling will help you out in getting relief from anxiety and mood swings that you might face daily. We have the perfect solution for those who are struggling with situations like sadness, sorrow, tension, anxiety and conflict. With our therapy, you will be able to cope up with family conflicts, work pressure, low self confidence, social anxiety, anger management issues, addiction, fears, phobias and various other problems

Stress Related & Psychological Problems such as :

  •  Depression (Negative Thinking)
  •  Anxiety, Restlessness, Panic Attacks
  •  Mood swings, Irritability, Anger/Aggression Issues
  •  OCD- Repeatedly getting same thought/s, repeated washing or checking.
  •  Stress/ Tension/ Restlessness/Indecisiveness/Emotional & Adjustment problems.
  •  Marital Problems, Family Communication & Relationships Problems.
  •  Problems in Sexual Relationships- Requiring Sexual Counselling & Therapy
  •  Sexual Development, Deviation, Identity and Adjustment Problems.
  •  Aggression, Impulsivity, Anger Management Problem, High Risk Taking Behaviour.
  •  Relationships issues related problems and concerns. - Like fear of rejection, failure in love relationship, Peer pressure etc.
  •  Personality Problems.
  •  Memory, Concentration, Decision Making & Time Management related problems.
  •  Work Related Problems like: Public Speaking, Leadership ability, Motivation level, Interpersonal relationship, Inability to express self work performance capabilities etc.
  •  Unexplained aches & pains, stammering - Somatoform Disorders.
  •  Tendencies of being excessively emotional towards events/situations/others.
  •  Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness with life.

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